Burley Encore kid carrier

Sales, sales, sales…
We where just going to get the “cheaper” Burley Honeybee but ended up with the 500 crown more expensive Encore.

Well today was the first day of quick testing, Siiri being the test subject:

IMG_9460 IMG_9451


IMG_9466 IMG_9462


Success, at least when you look at the happy face, but I gotta say it felt easy to pull around, even with my tired legs from yesterday.
The only downside, it doesn’t really fit on my bike, I need to get a adapter for the quick release on the back wheel, right now it’s just washers and it’s not “safe”.


4 thoughts on “Burley Encore kid carrier

  1. Looking forward to a little longer test-drives! πŸ˜€ (Not the least to get a little break from our little spoiled princess πŸ˜› ) I’m pretty sure she’ll be loving it! Specul tiem with daddy <3

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