Vacation is here!

Last(ish) post before heading to Finland with the boat, but I might put one small one up later, because one of the things I was supposed to show was my Genesis after service (it’s gotten a new back wheel and drivetrain parts, but the store had the opening hours wrong on their page..)

So with that said, I’we ridden my old Poison for soon two weeks, it’s sort of working after swapping the chain and cassette, still needs new chain rings on the front though, but 10 speed is better then no speed.
I also took my old trusty cross out in to the forest for a spin, as shown in this totally awesome video I made…

What else, oh right, I don’t like the Continental Cyclocross speed tires, they roll nice and all, but I had like 8 or so punctures in two weeks, so thats a no go for me, probably get some Vittoria’s when I’m home.

Hmm, last thing for now, goals!
I set two goals, one for distance biked and one for weight and I achieved them both, I biked more then 2000km before the trip and I’m under 120kg (118 last weighing, that’s down from 138kg)



Thats it, on Sunday I might update with a picture of the bike, might even be a picture of the bike loaded!

Week in review, or something like that

So, I passed my halfway goal this week, little over a month to do another 1000 km, should hopefully go ok.



Apart from that, not much, here been fighting the wind in Stockholm, walking with the family at the weekends and well thats it!

20150507_161951 20150509_105642
Bike at work in the garage and from todays walk, stopped for a fika at Säby Gård Cafe (they are so awesome!)

Long overdue post _again_

It seems like I’m rather slow to update, but well, nothing major happening on the bike front, sadly..

My daily commute is not so daily, I could blame a lot of things, the weather (bad excuse), lack of motivation (again, bad excuse) and several cases of the flue.

But instead, lets look at the positive stuff, and we’ll start on the day before 2014 started, New Years eve.

I went on a ride with Richard, he was on his 29’er, I was on my cyclocross, obviously, its my only bike right now, more on that later in the post.
We started off close to Akalla and went north in to järva:

Some pictures

:20131231_104704 20131231_104712 20131231_122156

After this there has been only some (2-3 days a week at most) commuting days, but I’ll add a picture of my “lifetime” biking (since I got my first bike here in Sweden that is):

The last bit of news, I’m getting a free Mountain bike, a friend in Norway has a early 2000 model Bianchi (26″) that I’m getting for free, I plan to add discbrakes and maybe a new fork and use it for fun in the forest and a bad weather/winter commuter!

Until next time!


The last of the “summer” months, a summary

Alright, so it’s the last week day of August, and it’s been a good month, hardly any rain and good temperatures!

So whats happened in August?

Well, I’we biked a lot,  like the coworker CX, the Igelbäcken ride with another coworker and my solo trip to Nynäshamn, combined with my normal everyday commute to work (well I skipped one day, as I was going out to kastellet with work to compete) made it possible to reach my 1000 km goal for August!

Goal! Goal2

First post after vacation..

Well, its roughly two weeks since I started working, and obviously it’s two weeks since my vacation was over (RIP vacation, you are missed..)
Well, this means I’we gotten some commuting in my legs again, 480 km’s according to Runkeeper (halfway through August, almost, still need to get home today!)

Anyway, I’ll start with today, then go historical backwards, if I can be arsed once I’m done with today that is!

It’s Friday morning and I actually got Leif to take a detour to work! (This is a milestone, hence the picture, post and map of it!) we met out on the bike path outside my apartment in Akalla, and went Sollentuna, Edsberg, Danderyd, Work (more or less).
Anyway, we got almost perfect weather (I prefer a little warmer, but thats all), and I took some pictures!

My bike waiting to be taken on it’s morning journey, complete with mudguards and touring tires with reflecting strips on it (so, so sexy!)

20130816_070932 20130816_071502
A blurry me, doing a “bruce” selfshot and one to document the fact that “farbror Leffe” joined for the detour!

The obvious map and stuff from this ride.

Other notable stuff?

Uhm, I guess the work mate cyclocross:

Akalla, Rinkeby/Kista, Järva, Barkarby and back

And the next weekends Igelbäcken with another Coworker, he on a FS 29’er and me on my stiff CX with no thread left on my skinny back tyre:

Kista to Igelbäcken, we did end up on some parts of the NICK track

I think thats it for my mid august post!

June halfway-ish report and a “blast from the past”

It’s been two weeks of June biking, and some tired legs, a cold and probably some other excuses I cant think of now aside, the amount of kilometers I’we managed has been at a low.
318.6 km in two weeks to be exact, that’s just a little more then I did in one week during may.

That aside, today I took a different route to work, through Kista and then over to Haga, and Vallhallavägen towards work.

Also, I kinda ordered a bike gps, the Garmin Edge 800 CAD/HR bundle, on sale at elgiganten!

Week two of my 50 km a day challenge.

And soon heading for the last week of May!
Been tired this week, last week I might have pushed a little to hard, guess I’m paying for that now, anyway, it’s Friday!
So this week in few words: Tired, rain, tired, punctures.

And now for some number:

Shortest commute to work and home: 52.1 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.2 km
Average commute to work and home: 55,8 km
Total distance commuted this week: 279,2 km

We’ll see what next week brings, I’m aiming for the same distance or more then too.

Week of May 12th summary

It’s Friday, I just got home from work, which means this weeks biking is done!
Today I went alone to work, it was a pain, my legs are showing signs of total failure (in the whole sense that they are sore, numb and they really don’t want to pedal).

Anyway, I got company on the way home with my co-worker Rikard, A nice extra round, the legs got some extra energy at least (competitive much,not me!)

The ride home with Rikard, the pauses are when I was waiting to meet up and while we chatted before riding our separate ways.

So, some “fun” numbers from this week:
Shortest commute to work and home: 51.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.8 km
Average commute to work and home: 57,9 km

All in all I’m happy with the week, the goal was to push my limits a little and it sort of worked, I might pay for it during the weekend, but that’s the price for success I guess.

Also, some records recorded by runkeeper:

302.5 km
Week of May 12, 2013
Week of May 12, 2013
Calories Burned
Week of May 12, 2013

Elevation Climb
3,773 m
Week of May 12, 2013 
Week of May 12, 2013


Afterwork Cyclocross and delivery from

Yesterday I got some stuff I ordered about two weeks ago, a shirt and two pairs of gloves from Campagnolo and gilet (which is a fancy word for vest) from Royal, color theme is, as with the bike, light blue, white and some black

Campagnolo WHEEL gloves                                        Campagnolo Retro gloves

Campagnolo shirt and gloves, Royal Gilet             Comparison of the retro and wheel gloves

I used everything except the wheel gloves today (swapped the retro gloves for my normal nalini when doing the crossing on the way home.
– The gloves are ok, warm enough for the +7 at least, the stripes of grip-ish material on the inside didn’t really feel grippy on my brake levers.
– The Campagnolo shirt is comfy, small in size I feel, but really, really comfy!
– The Royal gilet was just what I expected, light weight, not to warm, well ventilated (and just the right color!)

All in all, some well spent money during Chain Reactions Giro D’Italia sale!

Now the CX stuff!
Me and two co-workers went around Norra Djurgården after work, fairly chill pace, some nice tracks, grassy fields and dirt roads, here is the map from the ride, includes my ride home again to, not the longest of rides, but next time that will change!