Long time no posting, status and plans

Wow, I cant believe it’s been almost two months soon..
Anyways, I’we been up the usual, commuting to work, it’s not been overly exciting times, mostly biking alone as it is.
Wish I had more time to go for longer rides but alas, family and work takes it time to!

I guess the biggest things happening is the “planning” the three big bike things for next year, two road trips, one in Finland (Åbo -> Nokia -> Helsinki) and one from Stockholm to my parents in Norway.
The other thing I’m planning is a carbon fiber road bike, a coworker of mine is selling a pair of wheels and a complete drive train (SRAM Apex and some wheels from his Bianchi), since I’m getting such a good price on them I figured, heck it’s time for something to eat asphalt for breakfast!

Anyway, the plan so far is a china frame, specifically a ZhongWei R-002 from Velobuildmall 


The plan is to build it during the winter half, color scheme is planned to be blue and white (like my Cyclocross sort of), but we’ll see what comes from it.