Departure day

But not for any of us, JeanR went back to France today, he’s now spent eight days about at our place, but before he left we got to do another bike ride, destination Mälaren.

Järva, Barkarby, Kallhäll and back, nice little trip!

Me and JeanR by Säbysjön, selfie style!

JeanR at the beach with my Bianchi, and my Poison tanning at the same beach!

wpid-20140524_112731.jpg wpid-20140524_110905.jpg
JeanR looking at some preburger and a picture of our fika at Säbygård cafe, awesome cakes!

After this we went home, he repacked and we parted ways as he went to the airport, thanks for the company this week Frenchie, welcome back anytime!

A couchsurfer in Järva

Ahh, summer is finally here, it’s way past 20°c in the sun, it doesn’t get dark early so we can bike late after work.
And yesterday that’s just what we did, and what a day it was!

Maybe some background information, we got a couchsurfer, JeanRemi from lé France, doing science stuff in Schweden for a month, he was supposed to stay with us for about two weeks, but it got cut a bit short due to girlfriend surprise  visit, resulting in a no go for our bike weekend!

Anyway, we managed to get out on Wednesday!

Tour de Järva

We went out and towards Hansta, some kind of hiking path/bike route or something, we saw some other mtb’ers go up there to, went ok, but my CX aint much happy about the rough terrain, neither is my hands, but what can you do.
From there it was towards the Natureschool and Bögs gård, with a food stop at the birdwatching spot at Ravalen.

wpid-20140521_190302.jpg wpid-20140521_190308.jpg
My poison CX leaning against the railings and JeanR trying to skip some rocks (my Bianchi in the background, JeanR is using it this week.)

That’s one happy Frenchman, finding another rock to skip on the water!


After food we headed out and towards Översjön, had a little detour, got alot of mud on bikes and stuff, but in the end we got to where we wanted, even if we had to cross a fenced in field for cows (cowless today thankfully)

wpid-20140521_193939.jpg wpid-20140521_194028.jpg wpid-20140521_194010.jpg
I see a silhouette of a fat man! (me.. that’s me, I’m fat 🙁 )

From here we went for a quick fika at the McD at Barkarby Handelsplats before heading home via some random trails and tracks (see the map).

All in all, enjoyable and nice!

Something sad and something nice

I had to go to Norway this Friday (9th of May), for one of my childhood friends son, who only got 5 years old.
It’s so unfair that this happens, and words cant even describe the feeling, it pains me so much to see my friend like that to.

But I got to spend a lot of time with my friend again, we recently got in touch, and he’s the one who gave me the Bianchi MTB, so it was nice to see him, despite the circumstances.

We talked, cried, sat quiet and biked together, I’m not going in on any details, so for now, here is a map and a picture.


Start at my friends place, went around what is known as Blekkstarunden, then to the church to visit the grave, back home, some food and then we went around Sköyenrunden and home.

A picture of the bike I borrowed from my dad, on the grassy fields close to Hagebergtangen, the small man made bathing place from my childhood, the water in the river is silly low and stuff.

Until next time <3

Addnature 7 summits challenge, for the first time!

Challenge time, a little delayed but we got to it in the end!
We started planning this event a couple of weeks ago, with the date 1st of May, this sadly snowed and blow’d away, our group of sic got reduced to two for Sunday.
We did a few wrong turns and misses with the navigation, it can be hard to find the entrance to the top, but after this ride we know, so without much more, here is the map, pictures and stats!

A link to the detailed Garmin recording

20140504_091349 20140504_095928
From the start, on top of the Hagatop, and the second top, Hammarbybacken

The view from Hammarbybacken, somewhere down there we used to live once!

Selfie time on the left, with Rikard in the background, taking the picture on the right!

The view from the top of Flottsbro, there was some Canyon Enduro race, so full of MTB people, fun times heading down the hill on my CX there anyway!

20140504_121811 20140504_124202
A picture from the boat to Ekerö and the view from Ekebyhovsbacken, I could see the tall buildings in Kista from there!

Second to last hill to conquer, Bruket in Järfälla, pretty close to home, and suprisingly enough the easiest hill to get up with the bike!

And here we are, final hill, Väsjöbacken, last one, the pain was real here, but we made it, had to make a “Rocky inspired” pose there!

Stats time:

Distance: 97.68 km Time: 6:38:07 Moving Time: 5:15:44 Avg Speed: 18.6 km/h
Elevation: 1112 m Max Ele.: 121 m Cadence: 57rpm Avg Temp: 9.7 °C

A few things, the GPS was on from the top of Haga, to the top of Väsjöbacken, including our stops on the tops, plus any other minor navigation stops, it also includes our lunch, which I didn’t take picture of, this isn’t instagram after all!
The moving time is the actual time we were pedaling, and the Average speed is based on the moving time!

Anyway, big thanks to Rikard for joining, and hopefully there will be more to come, we shall beat the time “later”

2nd of May, Silverdalen – Vaxholm – Silverdalen…

… Sort of, but the reason for starting there was simple, my lovely wife was going to a friend with the kids, so Burley loaded, kids seated and off we went!

Right, now back to my stuff!
I started in Silverdalen and set my GPS to a convenient location on the island of Vaxholm (The movie theater, figured that would be central enough!

This was the trip I took, more or less the same both ways! check my garmin or runkeeper page for full details

I’ll add some pictures and stuff now, then some stats, I’m fairly proud of my ride today!

cockpit Shadow
Just some random pictures, shame the speed was so low, or maybe not, for safety..

Bruce2 Just me, with a stupid face, riding my bike, somewhere between Sollentuna and Arninge I think..

woodywatersCastle something
Some pond somewhere that looked rather overflowing with water and Bogesunds Castle 

Selfie of my self (hence the name selfie) sitting on a bench in Vaxholm centrum, eating (not shown here) a icecream and having a coffee.

After this I headed home, and took no pictures worth showing of, so here comes some stats:

Distance: 84.07 km Time: 3:11:27 Max Speed: 58.0 km/h Avg Speed: 26.4 km/h
Elevation: 595 m Max Ele.: 69 m Cadence: 68rpm Avg Temp: 9.1 °C