Leather, it was long overdue

Not going to say much, but I got a Brooks saddle, it’s a long time coming, I’we been wanting one for years, and with the tour coming up I felt it was time, choice fell on a Flyer (the Special one with the hand hammered copper rivets) in the honey color, I also (of course) “needed” to get the handlebar tape to match!
Everything was bought in the awesome store that is Gamla Stans Cykel!

20150423_064445 Aint she pretty in her new gear (ignore the saddle angle, it’s fixed, I was a bit quick to get it out for a ride!)

Glamour shoots of the saddle and the bar tape, enjoying the morning sun! 

And the verdict, after a mere two days, it’s one glorious piece of work, I love it, from the first moment I sat in it, even with the wrong angle it was like a revolution of comfort for my behind, I’m looking forward to the future of it, how will it be when the the summer tour starts? in 6 months? next year?

More to come, but not today!