Something sad and something nice

I had to go to Norway this Friday (9th of May), for one of my childhood friends son, who only got 5 years old.
It’s so unfair that this happens, and words cant even describe the feeling, it pains me so much to see my friend like that to.

But I got to spend a lot of time with my friend again, we recently got in touch, and he’s the one who gave me the Bianchi MTB, so it was nice to see him, despite the circumstances.

We talked, cried, sat quiet and biked together, I’m not going in on any details, so for now, here is a map and a picture.


Start at my friends place, went around what is known as Blekkstarunden, then to the church to visit the grave, back home, some food and then we went around Sköyenrunden and home.

A picture of the bike I borrowed from my dad, on the grassy fields close to Hagebergtangen, the small man made bathing place from my childhood, the water in the river is silly low and stuff.

Until next time <3

Cyclocross, not my cup of tea

So it has come to this, after lots of peer pressure from my coworkers I finally caved and joined on of these “grass races”, was skeptical as I find the idea boring, and I was right, that’s the short of it.
The long of it, I enjoy forest paths, with the occasional dirt/gravel road, preferably flowy and curvy in the sense that you get some nice speed and all that, so from now on I can just skip the CX races and go out for an hour or three in the area around home!

Anyway, two pictures and a map!

DSC_0136 DSC_0025

Day before departure

And the nerves are kicking in!

Here’s the thing, I need to be at the harbor no later then 0610, on the way I need to stop at work to get my bike and one bag, this shouldn’t be a issue as I walk past work from the tube to the boat, the problem is, the earliest tube from home gives me a 30 min error margin!

Oh well, packing is almost done, here’s to making it in time!

Bike still on service, Garmin in the house.

I ordered my Garmin Edge 800 bundle last week and it came yesterday, nifty little thing by the look of it, but I haven’t been able to test it yet due to my bike being in for a little service.

So about that, service thing, I’we had the bike for two months or so now, and I noticed the wheels being untrue, some squeaky noises from the hub areas back and forth and my derailleurs are a little off, time for service.

The closest place to me is Sportson, so I went there to have them give it a full service (roughly 700 SEK).
The service should include fixing my untrue wheels, checking all the bearings, adjusting brakes and gears.
That’s what it says on the homepage of Sportson atleast..

Well, that seems to be untrue, just like my wheel (if I should believe the sales person at least).
Turns out that the part about truing the wheel in this service is a “simple tightening of spokes” and I would have to pay another 250-500 SEK to fix both wheels if they need a proper truing, I’m not sure how to deal with it, but I’ll at least question them about it when I go to pick up the bike, and probably do a proper walk trough with the mechanic to see what they’we done during the service.

Anyhow, here is some pictures of my gps (and the rather large box it came in (the box the box with the gps was in..

IMG_9545 IMG_9525
Child’s hand and baby for scale!

My mudguards are here!

After a detour around half of the Nordic region I got my Planet Bike fenders, which I had high hopes would fit on my CX frame, but alas, “#%”#¤%& they don’t.

I’m getting a bit frustrated but my options seem to be get smaller tires, like 28 mm ones maybe, or look for some other fenders, I’m thinking about the “SKS Velo 47” and some for of home made attachment to the frame, update will follow!

IMG_9065_s IMG_9069_s