Ride Report: Järva in the snow!

What a morning!
Had a plan to meet my coworker around eight in the morning, to go out biking on the snow covered dirt roads and tracks in Järva.


Just a random crap mobile shot of my thermometer, it was  around -2.4°C outside
Anyway, down to meet my coworker!
CIMG3780 CIMG3782
Taking the elevator down to meet the old man on his 29’er.
At this point it was still a little dark, more then enough to see though!

  CIMG3783 CIMG3784
My CX showing of it’s spoke bling, and my profile.



Well, it wasn’t a speed race, some places where icy others wet and muddy under the snow, but it was great getting out and nice company, lastly here is the GPS from the trip!