Ride Report: Järva in the snow!

What a morning!
Had a plan to meet my coworker around eight in the morning, to go out biking on the snow covered dirt roads and tracks in Järva.


Just a random crap mobile shot of my thermometer, it was  around -2.4°C outside
Anyway, down to meet my coworker!
CIMG3780 CIMG3782
Taking the elevator down to meet the old man on his 29’er.
At this point it was still a little dark, more then enough to see though!

  CIMG3783 CIMG3784
My CX showing of it’s spoke bling, and my profile.



Well, it wasn’t a speed race, some places where icy others wet and muddy under the snow, but it was great getting out and nice company, lastly here is the GPS from the trip!

11 thoughts on “Ride Report: Järva in the snow!

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