Leather, it was long overdue

Not going to say much, but I got a Brooks saddle, it’s a long time coming, I’we been wanting one for years, and with the tour coming up I felt it was time, choice fell on a Flyer (the Special one with the hand hammered copper rivets) in the honey color, I also (of course) “needed” to get the handlebar tape to match!
Everything was bought in the awesome store that is Gamla Stans Cykel!

20150423_064445 Aint she pretty in her new gear (ignore the saddle angle, it’s fixed, I was a bit quick to get it out for a ride!)

Glamour shoots of the saddle and the bar tape, enjoying the morning sun! 

And the verdict, after a mere two days, it’s one glorious piece of work, I love it, from the first moment I sat in it, even with the wrong angle it was like a revolution of comfort for my behind, I’m looking forward to the future of it, how will it be when the the summer tour starts? in 6 months? next year?

More to come, but not today!

Change of direction

So, I’we had this site for a while now, and it’s always been bike focused, it probably will be for the most part to.
But I have picked up a new interest, archery, so I’m changing the blog theme to be an adventure blog, I might do something more then these things to, tempted to do some hiking/walking trips.
So, pretty soon, if I can be arsed I’ll add some gear from archery, some pictures of me and my bonus kid, who also does archery and whatnot.

Long time no posting, status and plans

Wow, I cant believe it’s been almost two months soon..
Anyways, I’we been up the usual, commuting to work, it’s not been overly exciting times, mostly biking alone as it is.
Wish I had more time to go for longer rides but alas, family and work takes it time to!

I guess the biggest things happening is the “planning” the three big bike things for next year, two road trips, one in Finland (Åbo -> Nokia -> Helsinki) and one from Stockholm to my parents in Norway.
The other thing I’m planning is a carbon fiber road bike, a coworker of mine is selling a pair of wheels and a complete drive train (SRAM Apex and some wheels from his Bianchi), since I’m getting such a good price on them I figured, heck it’s time for something to eat asphalt for breakfast!

Anyway, the plan so far is a china frame, specifically a ZhongWei R-002 from Velobuildmall 


The plan is to build it during the winter half, color scheme is planned to be blue and white (like my Cyclocross sort of), but we’ll see what comes from it.


The last of the “summer” months, a summary

Alright, so it’s the last week day of August, and it’s been a good month, hardly any rain and good temperatures!

So whats happened in August?

Well, I’we biked a lot,  like the coworker CX, the Igelbäcken ride with another coworker and my solo trip to Nynäshamn, combined with my normal everyday commute to work (well I skipped one day, as I was going out to kastellet with work to compete) made it possible to reach my 1000 km goal for August!

Goal! Goal2

June halfway-ish report and a “blast from the past”

It’s been two weeks of June biking, and some tired legs, a cold and probably some other excuses I cant think of now aside, the amount of kilometers I’we managed has been at a low.
318.6 km in two weeks to be exact, that’s just a little more then I did in one week during may.

That aside, today I took a different route to work, through Kista and then over to Haga, and Vallhallavägen towards work.

Also, I kinda ordered a bike gps, the Garmin Edge 800 CAD/HR bundle, on sale at elgiganten!

Saturday biking with Leffe

What a day!
Started out from home around 11:45 and went to Barkarby to meet Leffe, from there we rode to Kungsängen, Bro, Sigtuna, Märsta, Sollentuna(Hägvik) and back to Barkarby.

It’s been sunshine, warm and not to windy, perfect biking weather 🙂
Had a pause in Sigtuna for some refueling (burgers and fries) and a coffee break once we where back in Barkarby.

Two selfies of me riding in the warm weather

My shadow to the left, Leffe to the right

Here is a Google map for the ride, decent distance for our first long trip of the year (our first   long trip at all really, the last one was a bit over 40 km)

More information from the trip can be found on my runkeeper page: http://runkeeper.com/user/ombirons/activity/191909499

Now lets see how our legs will feel come Monday and regular commuting again 😀

Week two of my 50 km a day challenge.

And soon heading for the last week of May!
Been tired this week, last week I might have pushed a little to hard, guess I’m paying for that now, anyway, it’s Friday!
So this week in few words: Tired, rain, tired, punctures.

And now for some number:

Shortest commute to work and home: 52.1 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.2 km
Average commute to work and home: 55,8 km
Total distance commuted this week: 279,2 km

We’ll see what next week brings, I’m aiming for the same distance or more then too.

Week of May 12th summary

It’s Friday, I just got home from work, which means this weeks biking is done!
Today I went alone to work, it was a pain, my legs are showing signs of total failure (in the whole sense that they are sore, numb and they really don’t want to pedal).

Anyway, I got company on the way home with my co-worker Rikard, A nice extra round, the legs got some extra energy at least (competitive much,not me!)

The ride home with Rikard, the pauses are when I was waiting to meet up and while we chatted before riding our separate ways.

So, some “fun” numbers from this week:
Shortest commute to work and home: 51.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.8 km
Average commute to work and home: 57,9 km

All in all I’m happy with the week, the goal was to push my limits a little and it sort of worked, I might pay for it during the weekend, but that’s the price for success I guess.

Also, some records recorded by runkeeper:

302.5 km
Week of May 12, 2013
Week of May 12, 2013
Calories Burned
Week of May 12, 2013

Elevation Climb
3,773 m
Week of May 12, 2013 
Week of May 12, 2013


Afterwork Cyclocross and delivery from chainreactioncycles.com

Yesterday I got some stuff I ordered about two weeks ago, a shirt and two pairs of gloves from Campagnolo and gilet (which is a fancy word for vest) from Royal, color theme is, as with the bike, light blue, white and some black

Campagnolo WHEEL gloves                                        Campagnolo Retro gloves

Campagnolo shirt and gloves, Royal Gilet             Comparison of the retro and wheel gloves

I used everything except the wheel gloves today (swapped the retro gloves for my normal nalini when doing the crossing on the way home.
– The gloves are ok, warm enough for the +7 at least, the stripes of grip-ish material on the inside didn’t really feel grippy on my brake levers.
– The Campagnolo shirt is comfy, small in size I feel, but really, really comfy!
– The Royal gilet was just what I expected, light weight, not to warm, well ventilated (and just the right color!)

All in all, some well spent money during Chain Reactions Giro D’Italia sale!

Now the CX stuff!
Me and two co-workers went around Norra Djurgården after work, fairly chill pace, some nice tracks, grassy fields and dirt roads, here is the map from the ride, includes my ride home again to, not the longest of rides, but next time that will change!