Week in review, or something like that

So, I passed my halfway goal this week, little over a month to do another 1000 km, should hopefully go ok.



Apart from that, not much, here been fighting the wind in Stockholm, walking with the family at the weekends and well thats it!

20150507_161951 20150509_105642
Bike at work in the garage and from todays walk, stopped for a fika at Säby Gård Cafe (they are so awesome!)

Easter, Bianchi, sun!

That’s the three words of the day, it’s like 15°c outside, sun is shining and I’m home alone, time to get our with the more or less fixed mountain bike I’we gotten (build thread here).

I started from home and went out to Järva

CIMG3800 CIMG3801
The view from where I sit and a profile picture of my bike somewhere behind Bögsgård.

CIMG3798 CIMG3812
The rockshox SID from 1999 is soft as butter, flexy and what not, and there is a a selfie of me #nomakeup, #nature.

A must when biking in Järva, the bun at Säby gård, best in the world!

CIMG3815 CIMG3818
Mud all over the place, got to use my power washer again! (see this post for more information)

That’s it for today, Happy Easter thingy!


Battery powered power washer test

Yesterday (on Thursday) my wife went out shopping for me, from lidl she got a new helmet, a pair of gloves and a mechanic repair stand. from Clas Ohlson she got me a power washer!

Today I decided to test it, so here comes some pictures and more text (YAY!)

Some pictures of the bike and the washer

the bike wasn’t really that dirty, but had some sand and mud from my first commute in the rain (it needs some clip-on mudguards for commute duty), but here are some up and close pictures to fill the white spaces:

IMG_1047 IMG_1048
As you can see there is mud and sand on most parts of the frame

The machine is easy to use (but heavy to carry with a full tank of water, 17 liters), the pressure is OK, it’s not a power-washer, but it’s enough to get anything but ingrown filth off it, and it’s perfect for flushing before a sponge is used and to rinse afterwards, besides with the low pressure I don’t need to worry about flushing out the bearing grease  😉

IMG_1054 IMG_1055
These are just to show some action!

So that’s it, the bike got clean enough for me to take inside to finish the fixing on it!

Last few tidbits before the Finland trip! (+this weeks exploring)

Not going to be the biggest post in the world, but today me, the wife and the two girls went out to shop stuff, including my last items for the long trip.

So without much more fuss, here is the list of things we bought:
– 4 x Carbohydrate gel’s
– 2 x Continental tubes (I now how three spare ones with me)
– One new tire (my front one got a nasty rift and well I want a spare one with me for the trip and the two weeks in Finland..)
– Four pairs of white ankle socks!

And last but not least, my new pair of Castelli Velocissimo Due BIB:
8855851761694_1088258_white_black_1-1_57923_jpg 8855852482590_1088258_white_black_1-2_57924_jpg


Other then this, I’we done some more exploring, Igelbäcken to be precis, I was looking for some nice flowing forest paths and stuff, so I took the bike and headed down towards Igelbäcken, followed the road next to it past Akalla and past Kista, before I had to jump off the bike and go over the new road, down in Igelbäcken I think I found a little piece of heaven, lots and lots of tracks all over the place!

I also met Magnus, who was out with his 29’er MTB, after a little chat we went back towards Järva together and I showed him a few of the places I usualy bike (since I’m on a Cyclocross I dont go the most technical places, more flow, more fun!)

Anyway, here is the map from this day:

For a more detailed view, check out my Garmin connect page —>HERE<—

May is over..

… At least the biking month of May.

It’s been a long and pretty tiresome affair, never before biked as much as this month, probably wont bike this much until after summer again either, probably…

Here’s some numbers from the last week:

Shortest commute to work and home: 57.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 63.1 km
Average commute to work and home: 59,8 km
Total distance commuted this week: 299 km

Some records this month to:

1,209.4 km
Month of May 2013
Month of May 2013
Calories Burned
Month of May 2013
Average Speed
24.5 km/h
Month of May 2013
Elevation Climb
14,718 m
Month of May 2013

Month of May 2013

Well that’s about it, or well there is the need for a new back tire, the Continental Cyclocross Race don’t like 1200 km of gravel and asphalt with a big fatty on the bike 🙁
Thinking about maybe going over to 32 mm Schwalbe Marathon touring tires…

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday blogging, weather is sunny, first puncture.

Was out biking and well, plan was to go for some thing like 20-40 km, but well, bad luck struck and I got a puncture!

Was fairly close to home as my round crosses back homewards, still sucked since I found out (silly me for not checking really) that my new bike, or more like the rims on my new bike will only fit a tube with presta valves.

Anyhow, that is fixed now, and I got a new saddlebag to!

My flat tire and me out and about

A mixed post

I’m starting with the weather, and the resulting commute home today!
I mean come on, sunshine, warm weather and all, had to get a long trip home

Went past Veddesta, Barkarby Handelsplats and in to the Järva nature reserve, felt good hitting 40km/h on some of those gravel roads!

Now back to the good stuff!

The big kid got his new ride today to, a 2010 Dawes Espoir 3000 24

unravel2                         unravel1

awesome1 new ride

Date for “Tour dE Finlandia” set

Awhile back I posted about a trip I was planning for the summer, the one from Turku, via Tammisaari to Helsinki.
Well today the date is set, boat from Stockholm the 18th of July, and the bike ride starts Friday the 19th of July from Turku to Tammisaari.

So far it’s me and my co-worker Leif that have confirmed but two more from Finland will hopefully join to!

Nothing much to post about

So I’ll post about the weather, god I hate the wind we got these days, it’s insane, the commute home today was something like 12 min slower, pure hell fighting the wind.

In other news, I’m going to pick up the new bike for the kid today, a 24″ race/cyclocross bike with sti shifters and stuff, it’s going to be his 10 year birthday presents, there shall be pictures in the next post!