May is over..

… At least the biking month of May.

It’s been a long and pretty tiresome affair, never before biked as much as this month, probably wont bike this much until after summer again either, probably…

Here’s some numbers from the last week:

Shortest commute to work and home: 57.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 63.1 km
Average commute to work and home: 59,8 km
Total distance commuted this week: 299 km

Some records this month to:

1,209.4 km
Month of May 2013
Month of May 2013
Calories Burned
Month of May 2013
Average Speed
24.5 km/h
Month of May 2013
Elevation Climb
14,718 m
Month of May 2013

Month of May 2013

Well that’s about it, or well there is the need for a new back tire, the Continental Cyclocross Race don’t like 1200 km of gravel and asphalt with a big fatty on the bike 🙁
Thinking about maybe going over to 32 mm Schwalbe Marathon touring tires…

Enjoy your weekend!

Week two of my 50 km a day challenge.

And soon heading for the last week of May!
Been tired this week, last week I might have pushed a little to hard, guess I’m paying for that now, anyway, it’s Friday!
So this week in few words: Tired, rain, tired, punctures.

And now for some number:

Shortest commute to work and home: 52.1 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.2 km
Average commute to work and home: 55,8 km
Total distance commuted this week: 279,2 km

We’ll see what next week brings, I’m aiming for the same distance or more then too.

Week of May 12th summary

It’s Friday, I just got home from work, which means this weeks biking is done!
Today I went alone to work, it was a pain, my legs are showing signs of total failure (in the whole sense that they are sore, numb and they really don’t want to pedal).

Anyway, I got company on the way home with my co-worker Rikard, A nice extra round, the legs got some extra energy at least (competitive much,not me!)

The ride home with Rikard, the pauses are when I was waiting to meet up and while we chatted before riding our separate ways.

So, some “fun” numbers from this week:
Shortest commute to work and home: 51.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.8 km
Average commute to work and home: 57,9 km

All in all I’m happy with the week, the goal was to push my limits a little and it sort of worked, I might pay for it during the weekend, but that’s the price for success I guess.

Also, some records recorded by runkeeper:

302.5 km
Week of May 12, 2013
Week of May 12, 2013
Calories Burned
Week of May 12, 2013

Elevation Climb
3,773 m
Week of May 12, 2013 
Week of May 12, 2013


Afterwork Cyclocross and delivery from

Yesterday I got some stuff I ordered about two weeks ago, a shirt and two pairs of gloves from Campagnolo and gilet (which is a fancy word for vest) from Royal, color theme is, as with the bike, light blue, white and some black

Campagnolo WHEEL gloves                                        Campagnolo Retro gloves

Campagnolo shirt and gloves, Royal Gilet             Comparison of the retro and wheel gloves

I used everything except the wheel gloves today (swapped the retro gloves for my normal nalini when doing the crossing on the way home.
– The gloves are ok, warm enough for the +7 at least, the stripes of grip-ish material on the inside didn’t really feel grippy on my brake levers.
– The Campagnolo shirt is comfy, small in size I feel, but really, really comfy!
– The Royal gilet was just what I expected, light weight, not to warm, well ventilated (and just the right color!)

All in all, some well spent money during Chain Reactions Giro D’Italia sale!

Now the CX stuff!
Me and two co-workers went around Norra Djurgården after work, fairly chill pace, some nice tracks, grassy fields and dirt roads, here is the map from the ride, includes my ride home again to, not the longest of rides, but next time that will change!

Sunday blogging, weather is sunny, first puncture.

Was out biking and well, plan was to go for some thing like 20-40 km, but well, bad luck struck and I got a puncture!

Was fairly close to home as my round crosses back homewards, still sucked since I found out (silly me for not checking really) that my new bike, or more like the rims on my new bike will only fit a tube with presta valves.

Anyhow, that is fixed now, and I got a new saddlebag to!

My flat tire and me out and about

One awesome morning commute!

Just had to post this one, decided to take a long ride in the morning fog, +13° outside, short sleeve, short bibs, all alone on the roads (until I meet up with my coworker that is).
Started by going through Järvafältet, 10 km of gravel roads through the nature reserve, before heading up to barkarby and meet up with Leffe.

The bike posing by a fence in Järva, the fog lingering behind it in the fields!

From there it was the usual 12-ish km to Begshammra, before hitting the tracks that run next to Lilla Värtan, you can check the whole trip on the map below.

Saturday morning posting

Sitting here with my breakfast, checking out my runkeeper profile, and noticing a lot of weekly records, so hey, why not just blog about them, right?

237.5 km
Week of April 28, 2013
Week of April 28, 2013
Calories Burned
Week of April 28, 2013
Elevation Climb
2,599 m
Week of April 28, 2013

So that’s it, been lots of sweet rides this week, I went alone through the Järva nature reserve, which was awesome, hit some nice speeds on the gravel roads, I had different company home, and Fridays commute with another coworker on a racer was enjoyable to, nice to get some speed up!

Here’s the GPX from that ride, the last km’s from Silverdalen and home again is a bit off, mostly since I forgot to un-pause my runkeeper, so the average pace is a bit off to (to slow).

Now it’s back to my breakfast, and resting my legs some more!

A mixed post

I’m starting with the weather, and the resulting commute home today!
I mean come on, sunshine, warm weather and all, had to get a long trip home

Went past Veddesta, Barkarby Handelsplats and in to the Järva nature reserve, felt good hitting 40km/h on some of those gravel roads!

Now back to the good stuff!

The big kid got his new ride today to, a 2010 Dawes Espoir 3000 24

unravel2                         unravel1

awesome1 new ride

Date for “Tour dE Finlandia” set

Awhile back I posted about a trip I was planning for the summer, the one from Turku, via Tammisaari to Helsinki.
Well today the date is set, boat from Stockholm the 18th of July, and the bike ride starts Friday the 19th of July from Turku to Tammisaari.

So far it’s me and my co-worker Leif that have confirmed but two more from Finland will hopefully join to!