Afterwork Cyclocross and delivery from

Yesterday I got some stuff I ordered about two weeks ago, a shirt and two pairs of gloves from Campagnolo and gilet (which is a fancy word for vest) from Royal, color theme is, as with the bike, light blue, white and some black

Campagnolo WHEEL gloves                                        Campagnolo Retro gloves

Campagnolo shirt and gloves, Royal Gilet             Comparison of the retro and wheel gloves

I used everything except the wheel gloves today (swapped the retro gloves for my normal nalini when doing the crossing on the way home.
– The gloves are ok, warm enough for the +7 at least, the stripes of grip-ish material on the inside didn’t really feel grippy on my brake levers.
– The Campagnolo shirt is comfy, small in size I feel, but really, really comfy!
– The Royal gilet was just what I expected, light weight, not to warm, well ventilated (and just the right color!)

All in all, some well spent money during Chain Reactions Giro D’Italia sale!

Now the CX stuff!
Me and two co-workers went around Norra Djurgården after work, fairly chill pace, some nice tracks, grassy fields and dirt roads, here is the map from the ride, includes my ride home again to, not the longest of rides, but next time that will change!

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