Week in review, or something like that

So, I passed my halfway goal this week, little over a month to do another 1000 km, should hopefully go ok.



Apart from that, not much, here been fighting the wind in Stockholm, walking with the family at the weekends and well thats it!

20150507_161951 20150509_105642
Bike at work in the garage and from todays walk, stopped for a fika at Säby Gård Cafe (they are so awesome!)

Preparation for the summer trip, part one

Long weekend, sunny Sunday, wife and kids have plans, I guess it’s bike day!
Trip from home, via Vaxholm, Rindö, Värmdö, Gustavsberg, nacka and through the centrum to get home.

20150503_092025 “Backyard” picture of the Genesis, ready for departure!

Some nice gravelroad between Danderydsvägen and Enebyberg and then one while I was waiting for the first ferry (Vaxholm to Rindö)

20150503_111811 Vaxholm Fortress  – check the info here 

20150503_113918 20150503_115157
Picture from the boat between Rindö and Värmdö, first one is my bike again second some fortresses around Oxdjupet (the left one is Oscar Fredriksborg fortress and the right is Fredriksborg, not confusing at all..)

20150503_131753 Last picture I took, I think it’s around Skuru..

Last but not least, the gps track of the day, Check out my Strava for “Details”