New wheel!

Woho, my Occano bike just got home, it now has a new black rear wheel (with a non-matching white front wheel), it’s starting to look ghetto!

Anyhow, yesterday was actually a fairly good bike day, apart from the whole back wheel moving in all directions at once and not really rolling well, a map then, for the home trip (trip from work to the LBS):

Oh and I guess it’s worth noting, this is probably one of my last week commuting on this piece of crap bike, due date for our daughter is on Tuesday, so hopefully after 10 days of daddy leave I’ll have my poison.

Duct tape, zip ties and sunny mornings

Sounds like the start of some freaky crime novel thingy, right?
Well it’s not, just the state of my bike and the weather this morning, the back wheel of my hybrid trekking bike, the occano, has been loosing spokes left and right, the rim is now untrue in all directions to.
So I ordered a new wheel, but since the weather is so frigging awesome now, I couldn’t resist to bike, right?
Solution, duct tape and zip ties, easy “fix”, just zip tie the loose spokes to some that aren’t, add a little duct tape and hope for the best, at least it’s just about two days left before my new wheel comes, and then another two weeks or so before my new bike arrives!

Anyhow, did the longer ride to work today, some icy patches, but overall pretty ok!

Planning the bike ride™ of the summer

So, me and some friends were talking about a bike ride this summer, and what do you know, “The old kings road” came up, for those of you fluent in finish, read more HERE.(google translate)
For those of you not fluent, here is the low down, it’s a old postal road or something, from Turku (Åbo for swedes) to Helsinki:

The plan is do go first from Turku to Tammisaari, spend the evening/night there, and the next day pedal to Helsinki!

Commuting statistics for week 12 (18th of march – 22nd of march)

Figured, I’d add something like this to my blog now and then, statistics for my commuting this week.

Lets start with the road to work:

From home in Akalla, via Kista, Helenelund, Ullrikesdal, Bergshammra and Norra Djurgården

Number of days biking to work: 4
The distance I biked this week: 
Total climb: 1739 meters
Calories Burned: 5337

All numbers taken from Runkeeper, probably not 100% accurate, but good enough for me right now!

Waiting for a new bike

So after much cursing and complaining about my old bike (the Occano U310 from stadium) I decided to get myself something new.

First I was thinking about a racer, maybe italian, like Bianchi, but since I’m fat and like gravel and winter biking (I say like, but I mean there is gravel on my way to work and I’m trying to be a good bike citizen during winter) I started looking at cyclocross.

First I started looking at Corratec and Ridley (105 Disc and X-bow 105 disc), price wise in the same range, available at my L(-ish)BS, but the more I looked the more I saw the light, none of my really close LBS had anything I liked.

Queue now, the euro is fairly cheap compared to the SEK, germany and UK are more or less overflowing with online bike stores (Chain reaction, Wiggle, Rose etc).
Some more research and I found the Boardman CX team and the Van Dessel Gin and Trombone at Wiggle, bad news, not available in my size.

Oh well, I found what I was looking for over at poison bikes, the Poison Opium XI disc.
I went for the one with SRAM Apex white groupset, as the idea of double tap sounds so much better then the shimano 105. Color choice is light blue and it’ll look something like this when it’s done:


So, order was placed last week, total cost roughly 1350€ and delivery will be in about 4 weeks! *ICANTWAIT!*

First of hopefully many posts to come!

So, I figured I’d start something new, and experiment a little with this wordpress blog thing.

Basicly, I like to bike, I had something like 17 years without biking, before finding the passion again last year.

What happend?
Well, I got fat(ter) again, I wanted to loose weight and I got bored of the gym, so I bought a bike, from Stadium, it sucks, but at least it’s given me the joy for biking and quality stuff, there will be a post about gear and stuff soon(tm).

on my bike
That’s me, the day I got my new(now old) bike June/July 2012)