Saturday biking with Leffe

What a day!
Started out from home around 11:45 and went to Barkarby to meet Leffe, from there we rode to Kungsängen, Bro, Sigtuna, Märsta, Sollentuna(Hägvik) and back to Barkarby.

It’s been sunshine, warm and not to windy, perfect biking weather 🙂
Had a pause in Sigtuna for some refueling (burgers and fries) and a coffee break once we where back in Barkarby.

Two selfies of me riding in the warm weather

My shadow to the left, Leffe to the right

Here is a Google map for the ride, decent distance for our first long trip of the year (our first   long trip at all really, the last one was a bit over 40 km)

More information from the trip can be found on my runkeeper page:

Now lets see how our legs will feel come Monday and regular commuting again 😀

3 thoughts on “Saturday biking with Leffe

  1. You guys did get a pretty sweet weather on your ride!! And to think you missed a kiddo birthday party with Fins for this.. 😛 tsssk..

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