Long overdue post from 2014, Järva with mom

Right, this has taken a wee bit longer then it was supposed to.
Mom visited sometime (well august 2014) and well, joined for a ride around Järva, with the kids (all three) in wagons or by bike, so here comes pictures and maps:

Siiri, with Saga in the wagon sleeping, going to see the petting zoo at bög gård

P1010394 P1010402
Siiri with Grandmah and Siiri with Granddad (I mean the goat).

Saga actually woke up to see some animals to!

After Bögs gård we started biking towards the old mill.

P1010407 P1010408
Mom on the borrows bike and on the second picture one can see Viljami.

Boiled sausages in bread at the mill, I got to use my trangia kitchen again!

P1010413 P1010415
Saga doing what she does best, eat, first at the mill, then a little later at Säbygård.
From here we went to some play spot before home called.

Incase you are curious about the route, it’s about like this:

Change of direction

So, I’we had this site for a while now, and it’s always been bike focused, it probably will be for the most part to.
But I have picked up a new interest, archery, so I’m changing the blog theme to be an adventure blog, I might do something more then these things to, tempted to do some hiking/walking trips.
So, pretty soon, if I can be arsed I’ll add some gear from archery, some pictures of me and my bonus kid, who also does archery and whatnot.

Tour de Finlandia 2014 and more

Wow, where to start, I guess from home?
So, I left from home on a Sunday evening, I guess around two a clock I think or maybe it was one a clock? who cares (not me, I made it to the boat with a lot of time to spare!)

My Genesis all loaded up with stuff, ready for adventure!

The boat ride went as it usually does, eat, watch kids play, sleep bad in crap beds under car deck, but well, Monday came and off the boat I went, to meet up with Elli, the kids, my mother in law and my bike partner for the trip, Hannu.

P1000829 P1000835
My bike waiting for me to  ride of the boat, and the two adventures, eagerly awaiting the train to our starting location, Joensuu!
Oh and the trains had a system for hanging bikes that I found rather clever!

So this is how you put your bike up for travel with VR in Finland, neat!

Not going to bore you (who ever you are) with details about the family stuff, we arrived late on Monday, we saw Elli’s Grandmother on Tuesday morning, our trip started in the evening!

Day 1 of the our mini tour, Joensuu – Savonranta

This was supposed to be the “little” edge, to make the rest of the days shorter, we could squeeze in maybe 50-70 km, or so, turns out it’s not as easy as I expected to find a good lake viewed camp site, but well, we got to Savonranta without much issues, did some grocery shopping and kept going for another 20-ish km..

P1000978 P1000979
The proud, nay brave adventures ready for the road, then the same ones enjoying some cold refreshments in Savonranta!)

After said grocery shopping we started looking for camp sites, not wanting to pay for our first night, we thought it would be ok to get a lakeview for free and we did get some views, just not camp sports

P1000981 P1000982
Starting to see a sunset, the Genesis looks stunning in the scenery, even with all the stuff attached to it!

We kept looking for some time, only to give up in the dusk, and settle for some uneven forest patch a little way from the road..

P1000987 P1000986
Tiredness hit after camp was set up, but food was consumed at least!P1000989
The tent being illuminated by a lamp, not long after it was pitch black outside..

In the end, this is the map of day 1:

Day 2 Savonranta – Sulkava/Oravanpesät (Squirrels nests, in Finnish)

Woke up, or gave up sleeping, not sure which, but hey, lesson learned, 120kg of man needs more then 0.5cm of foam to sleep on!
I think it was something like 4 am, and we had run out of water, well more like forgot to refill the day before, so the 1.5 liter of breakfast water was used to make porridge and then drink the rest, oh and the mosquitoes was bad, incidentally  I might have forgotten to close the tent and slept with my feet outside, they got bitten, a lot!

P1000997 P1000995
Camp site breakfast from our trangia kitchen, I am looking awake and dashing with my bug net over the head!

This is to give you some idea of where we camped…

Around six we where on the road again, heading towards Savonlinna, with a stop for supplies and water in Kerimäki (or so the plan was according to the map atleast).
Without much water consumed and nothing in the bottles it felt sluggish to ride, I’m guessing the nights lack of sleep didn’t help either..

But we made it to Kerimäki, got some extra breakfast and water refilled from a K-market store. and headed around the town a bit (there was a church and a nice beach, but the best part comes after that!)

P1010001 P1010006
Hannu enjoying the morning, and the best part for us atleast, the toilets we stumbled upon, with running water, real toilets and all!


Before leaving Kerimäki we had a toilet break, complete with a hobo wash and some tooth brushing!
From Kerimäki we started out towards our midday destination of Savonlinna, a town maybe 20 km or so away.

P1010018 P1010020
The pizza at PIzza Capero in Savonlinna tasted like heaven after the biking, mine was full of meat and grease, just like it should be, also got a nice view of the castle in Savonlinna! (Hannu went in while I watched the bikes).

The rest of the day was mostly spent getting to Sulkava, a small town 40 km west of Savonlinna, only to find that apart from the grocery store, there was nothing much there, and the campsite from google was actually a school, but a friendly lady told us about Oravanpesät campig, great idea, but further away then expected.

The road was long and winding, from Sulkava to the camp ground!

P1010031 P1010033
Our humble lodgings at the camp, the surface was so smooth and flat! walking down towards the water and the showers where just by the lake!

P1010034 Said lake, with a sign saying, no jumping, it was rather shallow so I guess it’s more of a warning then anything else.

The wood fired sauna, here I sat sweating before getting a skinny dip in the lake, another stamp for the book of me turning Finish!

P1010041 P1010042
Simple campground cooking, my sauna smoked sausage and mushroom noodle pot, and Hannu doing some freeze dried vegetarian stuff. 

P1010043 P1010044
Mood pictures, sun was setting, had to take some pictures!

P1010046Feels rather peaceful, my mind was probably elsewhere! 

With day two at a end, here is the map of this one!

Day three, Sulkavan Oravanpesät – Imatra, race day!

With day three ahead of us, we (read I) realized we could make it to Imatra before Elli and the kids left from the spa hotel, so race day it was!.
We packed up camp around 8, and we arranged with the camp owners that we could get a ride from the camp and to the asphalt roads, from here destination was Imatra, a small-ish town almost at the Russian border (check the map at the end of this day).

Forgot to take any pictures on the trip really, but we followed something called Vihreän kullan kulttuuritie, or the Green gold culture road, a fairly long, hilly and curving road of green forrest and fairly good roads, one part was so epic that the memory will be with me for some time, sadly, we forgot to put on the GoPro for this, or take any pictures, but it was downhill, it curved, the woods on both side let in just the right amount of light, it was just EPIC!

We stopped about halfway in the small town of Puumala, had some cold refreshments and took headed towards our destination, another short stop before we got there in Ruokolahti to, we made it with one hour to spare, so had a nice little time with Elli and the kids.

Hannu and me decided to find a cheap hotel and get some rest, our hotel was the soviet era, russian occupied Hotel Anna Kern

On our way there we saw the big dam, and someone told us they would soon open it, so we quickly dropped of our gear and went bac!

P1010049 P1010053
Empty canyon and closed dam, and me posing, like the poser I was!

P1010057 P1010058
My bike unloaded and wobbly, seriously without the weight I felt like I would fall over! and the dam, just opened, before the valley was filled to the brim with water!

After our touristy sightseeing and a shower, it was time for food and alcohol!

P1010064 P1010067
Today was Chinese food day! pretty good for a decent price!

We did some more walking about in Imatra, nothing major happening, I saw our Imatra branch office and we had a few more beers/ciders.

End of day 3, here is the map of the day!

Day 4 Imatra – Elimäki, Epic bike road, epic fail in navigation!

So, after Imatra, we realized that we might have taken a slight detour, or the lack of planning made the trip longer, so it was time to push on!
Today’s goal, at least 130 km!

Imatra, Lappenranta, Kouvola, these where some of the major places we where aiming for today, and between Imatra and Kouvola we found some of the best bike roads we ever saw, and I mean bike roads, not car roads at all, they snaked through the landscape following the big road number 6 (one of the main roads between Russia and Finland, sadly though, it’s not got a 100% coverage, and stupid as we where we decided to not follow number 6 when our road ended, costing us a couple of hours of epic fail on some railway service roads and other unmarked roads, but in the end we came back to road 6, at around 120 km we stopped for some cold refreshments in Kaipiainen, it was allready around 5 pm, so not many hours left of light
A refreshment later, and we got the last 50 km of today’s journey done, by random happening, we stopped at Alppiruusu in Elimäki, a small dinner/local produce market/gas station by the highway, Hannu asked if there was any camp sites close by, and we where allowed to camp next to a barn they had, surprisingly enough the land was fairly flat and comfy!

P1010079 Me doing a selfie while waiting for my Scan burger, tasted good after 160 km or so!

P1010080 P1010083
Todays camp site, close to a main road, but still secluded enough to feel safe about it.

Thats the end of day 4, a map (I stopped the gps a few times when we went of track, so there is some distance missing in total).

Day 5 Elimäki  to Helsinki, final day!

Woke up from another restless night, really need to get a air mattress, anyway, started our ride home, only planned bigger stop was in Porvoo, a old medieval town outside Helsinki, with some cobblestone streets, wooden houses and other old things by a river/lake.

Biggest problem this “late” in the tour was saddle sores, not nice to sit down, but despite that, still went fairly ok.

P1010086 Somewhere before Helsinki we came upon the kings road, the same one we did from Turku to Helsinki the year before, it continues from Helsinki to Russia.

P1010094 P1010088
Two pictures from Porvoo, so you get some idea of what it is, it’s kind of small though, and if you been to Bergen, Stavanger and other old parts of Norway, you wont see anything spectacular 😛

After Porvoo, it’s a fairly short ride back to Helsinki, and we got a surprise stop just outside, turns out Pekka (father in law) came to meet us and take some pictures, and it was easy to find us since Hannu had live tracking on his phone (Endomondo I think), I’ll add som pictures of that later.

Back in Helsinki we got a reception from our family, with some gifts!

P1010114 P1010116
Hannu got some green platter with fruits and stuff, I got some meat! (ribs and chicken drums!)

P1010127 Siiri got some ribs to, she, like her dad and little sister is a true carnivore!

Apart from the meat goodness I also got some Finish shower soap, with added Sisu!

The end of day 5 map:

It’s been a great trip really, no major problems of any kind, one puncture on Hannu’s bike, some loose screws on my rack and one lost on Hannu’s, but I had spare ones, so to round of the trip here is a complete map of our tour: