Lazy June and a little bit of July!

I cant really say that I remember to blog all that often, but I guess it’s time again!

We’ll start with June, and the weather..
Summer was late, that’s for sure, not much sun, barely touching the high 10’s (Celsius) and grey, really grey.
Fear not though, there are sunshine stories

Genesis “Gennie” Croix de Fer, touring mode!

I already posted pictures of my Genesis, now I have more pictures, this time with some more touring items on it (dressed for success you might say, at least that’s what I’m hoping for!)

Genesis_croix_touringThere she is, my Croix, that I’m more and more thinking of as a Gennie (pronounced Jenny, and yes it’s a she, it would feel awkward to ride around on something else).

heel_clear kleankanteen
A picture showing something I was worried about, heel strikes, but well no worries there, and a fancy picture of my pricey, but awesome Klean Kanteen.

First couchsurfing, now Warmshowers, where will this end?
(Hopefully not with us knife murdered by strangers in our own home)

So, a few weeks (months I guess, technically) we had our Frenchie over, JR, and it was really nice, since then I started using reddit (not much, but still) and found out about, and promptly made one account there.

Results came quick and one, not to sunny Saturday morning our first guest came, Matthew “Matt” Dollive, who came fron England, via France and all the countries in between there and Denmark, Through Norway (from the town of Bergen) over the Mountains before crossing Sweden to stay with us for three nights.
And then on Sunday came our three Americans, Mike, Mike and Bill.

Needless to say, our 3 bedroom apartment got rather filled up (we are 6 people living there), so the boys had to sleep on mattresses in our room, the Americans got the boys room and poor Matt got to sleep in the living room.
Another thing I never thought much about before, the amount of food that is used to host this many people, I think I counted 104 eggs and 8kgs of white flour, because well breakfast is pancakes (American kind), scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, croissants, and stuff like that, but I really enjoyed it, and everyone seemed to be happy and fairly full!

Warmshower_foodThis is us, eating breakfast on Monday morning, one of the Mike’s left to see a girl, the other Mike is taking the picture, the picture doesn’t show the copious amounts of food, thanks to the appetite of Matt 😉

breakfast breakfast2
Some more pictures, courtesy of Matt’s flicker page, shows more of the food then the previous ones 🙂

We also got to ride around the local area a bit, checking out Lake Mälaren at Kalhäll’s beach, and eat like a lot more (three dinners, Chicken rice curry, Lasagna and a pizza night).

Jarva_warmshowers The_americans
Our little gang of people biking in the Järva area and then the whole family and the Americans together before they depart, our oldest daughter loved all the attention.

Come July, come summer and sunshine!

July has been warm, so biking is made all the better, and some days you just have to stop and enjoy it, like today, going to work

wpid-20140708_063158-1.jpg  wpid-20140708_064844.jpg
First picture just next to Ullrikesdal Castle in Solna, by some of the barn looking buildings, second is in Norra Djurgården, by a little lake (/ large pond), it was already more then +20 in the morning, sweet.

wpid-20140708_065312.jpg JJ Abrams style lens flare selfie #nofilters #nomakeup (#lolhashtag)

So that’s that then, I got three more weeks of work, before I had to Joensuu for three days, followed by a bike home!

Enjoy the summer, catch you later!

11 thoughts on “Lazy June and a little bit of July!

  1. Hello there!

    I have just been browsing the Croix de Fer online and came across your blog! Loving your setup as this is precisely what I am after, a cross tourer! I was just wondering, which mud-guards do you have for it? And were they hard to fit on? Also, which front and rear pannier racks do you have??
    Gregory 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your choice of a great bike!
    Hopefully, you’ll get all you need for some adventures of your own then! 🙂

    Just a note, the sks chromoplastics are a tight fit, I swapped to Vittoria Voyager tires (35c) and there is barely any room at the front, leaves get stuck as it is right now, but you can file down the fork crown for better space, there is a lot of information about it out there!

    • Thanks again, I’ll give these mudguards a go and see what happens! I suppose you’d get the same problem happening with any other mudguard on this bike..?

      Thanks again for your help, hope you have a pleasant winter!

  3. Yeah I think so, the other option would be to go down to 32c or something, but I wanted as much air as I could, hope you get a nice winter to!

  4. Hi again! Loving my Croix de Fer but am struggling with the mudguards a bit.. It seems that on the front wheel I can’t attach the stays to the frame because of the disc brake being in the way! How did you pass this problem?? Any other tips with setting up? Thanks!

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