First real long trip with the Burley

Today I went out with the two boys and our spoiled little princess (Siiri), the plan was to take a trip through Järva, up to Översjön for some BBQ and play time.

IMG_9840 IMG_9841
Mathias and Viljami at the time of departure, had to stop there for Mathias to fix his shoelaces..

Siiri in her protected environment, no kääpä (bugs) in there!

IMG_9846 IMG_9843
First fika stop, Mathias and Viljami posing like always, Siiri looking serious.. this is somewhere around 4 km on the map (top of säbysjön, they had no breakfast so this would do)

IMG_9850 IMG_9849
The kids enjoying some time by the water at Översjön, Siiri and Viljami balancing by the water and Mathias with his rock (or snail) that he found!

This place was also where the BBQ was going down, sadly, the ICA one time BBQ’s didn’t really work, so we had cold sausages and some juice before going on (the plan was to go home now, but that didn’t happen), instead we ended up having another fika, at Säby Cafe.

IMG_9852 IMG_9854
Mathias with his ice cream and “awesome” hair, which he refuses to cut, Siiri making a face and blocking out Viljami..

From here we planned to bike to the McDonald restaurant in Rissne, but before we got there we stopped at Leffe’s place and at a playspot close to Spånga IP.

Mia and Leffe just before we left from their place and Mia helping Siiri with her helmet!

IMG_9875 IMG_9863 IMG_9870 IMG_9873 IMG_9874IMG_9879 IMG_9881 IMG_9882
Lots of pictures from the play spot close to Spånga IP, Siiri playing with wooden cars, the boys biking on the roundabout bikes and the big swing!

On our way from the play spot to go eat at McDonald Ellie asked if we could get some sewing stuffs (weird needles and brown thread) so with 25 minutes to spare we had to find our way from Rissne to Sundbyberg, Garming Edge to the rescue!

On the way to the cloth and sewing store someone fell asleep, doesn’t look like the most comfy way to sleep though xD
IMG_9886  IMG_9888
Siiri was woken up to some Milkshake, Viljami had some Sundae with strawberry jam!
Mathias with some caramel fudge sundae, looking bright as ever, these pictures are outside the McDonald in Sundbyberg, where we only stopped for some cold refreshments!

We got the needles and things for Ellie and after a short fika outside McDonald I again had to use my GPS to find a way home 😀
Siiri got a little angry and whiney on the way from Sundbyberg so we stopped by a park-slash-lake areas.

IMG_9891 IMG_9890
Siiri by on her way to the water, posing as always… Viljami having a quiet moment, by the water, with his helmet on…

The golden trio of kids out biking today, so fun to be by the water

The GPS found us a way home, and if we quickly mention, before moving on, my detour because I thought I knew better, we “soon™” was close to home!
There was time for another break though, the old man (me) needed a toilet and the kids wanted something cold again, so Ice cream at OKQ8 in Helenelund!
The ice cream outside OKQ8 in Helenelund, Twisters for the boys, Piggelin for Siiri, I being older and more sophisticated had a Ice coffee icecream thing!

Being almost home we really only had one more shot at the McDonald lunch I promised earlier, though this was more the time for dinner, we stopped for some food and play time anyway!

Viljami with his dinner, the usual, Cheeseburger happymeal with milk and some apples (Siiri stole his apples again!)

IMG_9902 IMG_9903
Mathias with hair in his eyes waiting “patiently” for me to take the darn picture so he could eat, Siiri looking graceful as ever, she really just wanted the play spot anyway..


The man himself, me, enjoying a cold cola in the sun, not sure if it’s visible on this picture, but I got myself a pair of stingy, fiery red shoulders today, so as I’m sitting here typing this I have yogurt on them to lessen the pain from the burn (Ellie said it would help, still not sure if she’s pulling my leg or not!)

Last but not least, the map from today, and under it the link to the runkeeper page from the biking, incase anyone is interested in the stats from this truly slow ride!

Vacation biking planning 90% done or there about..

Right, so far the planning is going good, tickets for me to take the boat the 18th of July is booked, with a cabin and lunch on board, I think it came to something just under 700 SEK all inclusive

boat ride
my booking confirmation, just because I can post it!

What more’s left?
Well Hannu booked the rooms at omena hotel in Turku, still waiting to see if Ilkka is joining, but I’m staying optimistic!
I’we also started preparing my bike for touring, so two new bags attached, the front handlebar bag and a “carb loading bag” that sits between my top tube and the saddle.
Still gotta make sure I got the tools, spare parts and other stuff I need with me, but all in all it seems to be heading the right way!

Recap of the ride itself:

I’we made a new map of the trip and imported it to my new Garmin Edge 800 to.
Two day ride, probably Turku -> Tammisaari on Friday and Tammisaari –> Helsinki on Wednesday, not sure what stops we will have on the way, but more on that later on!

Saturday biking with Leffe

What a day!
Started out from home around 11:45 and went to Barkarby to meet Leffe, from there we rode to Kungsängen, Bro, Sigtuna, Märsta, Sollentuna(Hägvik) and back to Barkarby.

It’s been sunshine, warm and not to windy, perfect biking weather 🙂
Had a pause in Sigtuna for some refueling (burgers and fries) and a coffee break once we where back in Barkarby.

Two selfies of me riding in the warm weather

My shadow to the left, Leffe to the right

Here is a Google map for the ride, decent distance for our first long trip of the year (our first   long trip at all really, the last one was a bit over 40 km)

More information from the trip can be found on my runkeeper page:

Now lets see how our legs will feel come Monday and regular commuting again 😀