Something sad and something nice

I had to go to Norway this Friday (9th of May), for one of my childhood friends son, who only got 5 years old.
It’s so unfair that this happens, and words cant even describe the feeling, it pains me so much to see my friend like that to.

But I got to spend a lot of time with my friend again, we recently got in touch, and he’s the one who gave me the Bianchi MTB, so it was nice to see him, despite the circumstances.

We talked, cried, sat quiet and biked together, I’m not going in on any details, so for now, here is a map and a picture.


Start at my friends place, went around what is known as Blekkstarunden, then to the church to visit the grave, back home, some food and then we went around Sköyenrunden and home.

A picture of the bike I borrowed from my dad, on the grassy fields close to Hagebergtangen, the small man made bathing place from my childhood, the water in the river is silly low and stuff.

Until next time <3

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