A new bike in the house

Another day (another month to), and I finally got around to update this blog of mine.
It’s been slow, biking has started up again, still mostly commuting, but Easter is coming up and I’m home alone, so I hope to get some epic rides in, well maybe epic is the wrong word, but some rides non the less.

Anyway, I got a new bike, new for me at least, and in my eyes, she’s a beauty!
The bike is built on, as far as I can tell a Bianchi L480 frame, it’s a early 2000 Martini Racing team bike, it’s got a XT/XTR drive train and brake setup, and a old Rockshox SID dual air fork, it’s fitted with V-brakes (damn the old XT ones pack some breaking power) but it also has mounts for discbrakes, so that might be a future upgrade!



So, there you see her, before I started fixing things, the main issues are/were the drivetrain components, the cogs where so worn the chain didn’t stick, so I’we swapped for a new 11-32 sram cassette and chain, and I swapped the wires for some jagwire stuff, a little adjusting and it runs smooth again!

I also have a pair of disc brake wheels that I’m thinking about using, though the disc touches the frame on the back triangle, not sure if I have to go down to 140mm disc back for it to work, but thats for the future.

I still need to check the fork, it’s got to little air, but I dont have a adapter for it, and I don’t know if it’s serviceable anyway, might just go for a new/used fork.

The last thing I need to do, probably is get a small can of paint to touch up some parts, there are deep cuts and dents in the paint job around the chain stay, cosmetic only, but still, oh and the saddle is more or less worn out!