Week of May 12th summary

It’s Friday, I just got home from work, which means this weeks biking is done!
Today I went alone to work, it was a pain, my legs are showing signs of total failure (in the whole sense that they are sore, numb and they really don’t want to pedal).

Anyway, I got company on the way home with my co-worker Rikard, A nice extra round, the legs got some extra energy at least (competitive much,not me!)

The ride home with Rikard, the pauses are when I was waiting to meet up and while we chatted before riding our separate ways.

So, some “fun” numbers from this week:
Shortest commute to work and home: 51.7 km
Longest  commute to work and home: 68.8 km
Average commute to work and home: 57,9 km

All in all I’m happy with the week, the goal was to push my limits a little and it sort of worked, I might pay for it during the weekend, but that’s the price for success I guess.

Also, some records recorded by runkeeper:

302.5 km
Week of May 12, 2013
Week of May 12, 2013
Calories Burned
Week of May 12, 2013

Elevation Climb
3,773 m
Week of May 12, 2013 
Week of May 12, 2013


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